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Get To Know Kyng Drew and THA company, 1 Million Club

Growing up in College Park. Ga, Kyng Drew first came in touch with hip hop through a green generator and a pair of number 2 pencils.

During his early ages, his fascination with music composition led him to engineer his own unique way to deliver his thoughts

by creating his own beats and recording his own songs. In that same timeframe, Kyng went on to spread his message further by

establishing his Company 1MC (1 Million Club Company) in 2017, making his presence known in the hip hop world.

Along his journey he would meet his soon to be friend/brother Chris Lawson,

who eventually worked with him on his debut album, "Tha Voice EP"  on 08/10/18, "A Million Ways" on 11/11/2019,

then "Gone In 60 Seconds" on 05/13/2020, and "Note To Self" on 03/04/21.

Kyng isn’t only known for his recordings and positive affirmations either.

His live performances have led to praises from DJ R3eality, DJ Loud, DJ DLYFE, DJ Jelly, Spring Urban Fest, VoyageATL Magazine, WRFG 89.3 FM.

He’s also performed at Peter's Street Station, Central Station, Escobar South, The Ghost Bar, Clayton State University, Stonecrest Mall,

the Crazy ATL, Apache Café, The Gill Gallery, the Drunken Unicorn, as well as many other festivals and venues across Georgia.

1 Million Club Co. is a Company built on individualism.

Since founding the Company in 2016 and opening the first 1MC APPAREL BRAND store out the garage of his house in 2018,

Drew has built the business into a symbol of iconic values in his native home  College Park, Georgia.

Drew focused on creating a brand that identified with the in depth specifics of individualism,

and being comfortable with you a person and a persons individual growth.

His creativity, spirit, and perseverance through all these years are what make 1 Million Club what it is today:

a locally recognized brand and leader in the design, marketing, and distribution of premium apparel, accessories, home goods, and oils.

The iconic stature of 1MC Co. has attracted counterfeiters who seek to deceive consumers into believing their products are authentic.

There is only 1 Million. YOUR 1 MILLION.


STAY 1 Million.



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